It’s Asia or AngelRide

By Katherine Bartlett

Six years ago I gained a new family: AngelRide.

its-asia-or-angelride.jpgIn 2009, I was fortunate enough to participate in my very first AngelRide. AngelRide is not just a one-weekend event, but those whom have done the ride for many years become a family. My favorite weekend all year is AngelRide, as we all come together to ride for the kids.

This year, I was fortunate enough to receive an offer to work abroad. My first question was “can I still do AngelRide and live in Asia?” It took me over a month to decide what I was going to do, for the sole reason of missing AngelRide and all of the joys that come with it. AngelRide has become a ritual for me, a family and most importantly, an incredible joy to help give kids the opportunity to experience Camp, either in or out of the hospitals. This is a weekend that you do not want to miss!