What a great AngelRide!

Over Memorial Day Weekend 2020, we gathered virtually and participated individually! Take a peek at the slideshow and ceremonies to see how we kept our AngelRide community together to continue our good work of supporting The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp.

Save the Date: May 29, 2021!

We plan to return to the “classic” AngelRide with “remote” opportunities added in!

The Classic AngelRide spans Connecticut from North Stonington to Union! We will gather in-person on Friday evening to share a meal, reconnect, hear about the kids at Camp, and be entertained! Overnight accommodations will be provided for early registrants. The Metric Century ride begins Saturday morning. A shorter route will be available as well. SAG, MotoCrew, Medical Riders, and Bike Techs will support you along the AngelRide route. Rest stops at fire stations will offer nourishment, facilities, and cheering volunteers, too! A Finish Line Celebration will be waiting for you at The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!

The Remote AngelRide involves gathering virtually and participating individually on a route of your choosing. We had so much fun and a great turnout welcoming riders, walkers, and runners for the 2020 AngelRide PokerRide that we decided to carry it forward into 2021!

If we have to adapt again, you know we will find a way to keep our AngelRide community connected, engaged, and challenged – with a little fun mixed in!

Shining Light – Sheila

Time to spotlight another of our amazing team leaders! Sheila is a high school special education teacher and Unified Sports coordinator who is rising to the challenge of teaching her students online now that #coronavirus will be keeping them out of school until at least mid-May. She shared some of her experiences with us: “As …

Let’s talk about scars, shall we?

By Karen Grouten Let’s talk about scars, shall we? We all have them. We all know what they are. They are the spots on our body or our soul or our emotions that heal over from an injury. But those spots are not quite the same as before. Sometimes we try to hide them. Both …

Shining Light – Carole

We would love to shine a spotlight on another of AngelRide’s team leaders, who has also been involved with the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation, Inc. for many years. Carole, who recently retired from her position as a medical technologist, has volunteered to share her experience with the Coronavirus response. “As a medical technologist in a …

Shining Light – Angel

We are shining a spotlight on those in our community involved in the Coronavirus response, and who better to start with than the inspiration behind AngelRide herself- Angel! Angel is a survivor of childhood cancer, and her strength in her journey helped mold the mission of the ride – to ensure that children struggling with …

Can't Stop the Feeling!

From 2004-2019, AngelRide has raised $6,000,000 dollars!