I want to thank everyone for joining me on this crazy journey we call AngelRide. We are more than just a crazy bunch supporting a charity, we are a family and that is very special to me.

My name is Angel. You know, “The Angel” for which AngelRide is named! I am thrilled to continue to support AngelRide’s new path, benefitting the Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!

Twenty-one years ago when the ride started, I was given less than a 30 percent chance of survival. This was a very tough time for my family and I. In 2001 at age 11, I was diagnosed with ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia….cancer. After remission, I started a 2 and a half-year chemo regimen to insure the cancer would not return. A year and a half into my treatment they found my cancer had returned. This time it was in my spinal cord and brain fluid. Today, ALL is one of the most curable childhood cancers. However, after relapse, it gets tricky. My only option was a life saving but also life threatening bone marrow transplant. I am proud to say I’ve been cancer free for over 20 years and share my cancer free anniversary year with AngelRide’s anniversary.

That’s the short version. As you can imagine it was a rocky road filled with doctors appointments, hospitalizations, nausea, vomiting, pain, and missing out on just being a kid. My AngelRide family was with me all the way. AngelRide has endeavored to ensure that kids struggling with any illness or trauma never lose the joy of just being a kid. Sharing my own experiences with founders Fred & Lynn helped to form AngelRide’s mission: Enriching children’s lives by inspiring others.

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Many people wonder what I am up to now. Well that 13-year-old girl fighting for her life is now a 34-year-old married woman helping others. I am a registered nurse taking care of patients with cancer, grateful and so very lucky to be able to help others the same way so many helped me.

The same love my AngelRide family gave me is big enough for all of us. Help us to continue to spread that love all over and especially for these children with life-altering burn injuries. Thank you for reading. Can’t wait to see you!