Shining Light – Sheila

Time to spotlight another of our amazing team leaders! Sheila is a high school special education teacher and Unified Sports coordinator who is rising to the challenge of teaching her students online now that #coronavirus will be keeping them out of school until at least mid-May. She shared some of her experiences with us:

As a special education teacher, it can be especially challenging for students with disabilities who rely on that human interaction to make progress. I find myself not only teaching but also reaching out and connecting for the purpose of making sure my students are okay, letting them know we are all learning together…The parents need as much – if not more – support in the distance learning situation. I reach out daily and let them know how to contact me, in multiple ways…

…This transition has been exhausting from hours of learning technology, and we have all worked night, and weekends, meeting and learning- how to create a Google classroom and make pre-recorded videos and live instruction, for example. But it has also been wonderful because the teachers and administrators have pulled together in an amazing way. I am lucky to have such supportive colleagues. We have ‘breakfast’ meetings everyday with students, we see other’s kids, and pets (!) on screen and we’re virtually visiting each other’s homes. In a strange way, it’s brought me closer to my colleagues. The support is wonderful. But I miss being around them! I miss seeing my students and colleagues everyday and being in our school environment. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing them everyday on screen.

Thank you, Sheila, for all you do to take care of your students & their parents as we all adapt to a different reality!

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