We Are Family! AngelRide’s First Flash Mob

wearefamily.jpgBy Lynn McCarthy

The AngelRide family is super good at supporting and cheering each other on! So the first ever AngleRide flash mob was organized to cheer on Nancy Krupienski. 

This was our chance to get a sense of how a HOP specialist might feel to make someone smile. 

Nancy Krupienski is a Camper Mom and her husband James and son Jack are AngelRiders. On Saturday, Linda Kronick, a 6-year AngelRider and Medical Volunteer, put together the most amazing group of “Angel-Mobbers” in order to surprise Nancy.

Forty four US Coast Guard Cadets and some AngelRide family members, from as far away as Long Island and Sturbridge gathered. To the tune “We Are Family,” she re-wrote the words and lead the choreographed dance moves on the street in front of Nancy’s home. Love was sent and is still being felt. It was easy to support her big heart.