2020 FAQ

We’re glad you asked! A safe and exceptional experience for our riders and volunteers has always been our top priority. The traditional AngelRide welcomes many opportunities for people to gather. That will not be possible this spring, so we are switching gears! 

AngelRide has a FUN way to keep our community engaged, provide a bit of motivation for training, and encourage a physical challenge – all while staying safe – a PokerRide! We are welcoming bicyclists and walkers (hey, if you want to run…go for it!) and motorcyclists too! Let’s continue our good work and support the kids at The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!

PokerRide! Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Gather Virtually, Participate Individually, Spread the Love!


    • We will gather virtually for an AngelRide Opening Ceremony through the wonders of technology!

Memorial Day Weekend 

    • Pedal, walk (or run) on your own course at your own pace, outdoors or indoors. Challenge yourself! Set a goal that you need to train for! 
    • Riders will earn a PokerRide card every 12 miles!
      Pedal 36 miles and you will have collected 3 cards! Pedal 60 miles, that’s 5 cards! (Go the distance to collect 5 cards and you can discard 2 cards!) Motorcyclists, we’ll leave the mileage goals up to you! 
    • Walkers (and runners) will earn a PokerRide card every 4 miles.
      Complete 12 miles and you will have collected 3 cards! Complete 20 miles, that’s 5 cards! (Go the distance to collect 5 cards and you can discard 2 cards!)
    • We will pair you up with an AngelRide volunteer via cell phones, respecting the need for physical distancing. 
    • When you complete each leg of your route, simply text a selfie to your assigned AngelRide volunteer and they will deal you a card! 
    • Remember you can complete this year’s personalized AngelRide in 1 day, 2 days or 3 days!

Monday May 25 

    • Join in an AngelRide Virtual Closing Ceremony when 2 Community Cards will be revealed to complete everyone’s hand! 

If you have the best hand, a $1,000 donation will be made in your honor to The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!

Click here to learn more about the Camp: http://ctburnsfoundation.org/arthur-c-luf-childrens-burn-camp

As we continue with the safe practice of physical distancing, AngelRide will not be able to gather our community together in those traditional ways this May. We are really bummed about that but you know that safety is a big thing for us. We will see you at a virtual Opening and a virtual Closing ceremony. You will complete your individual AngelRide on a route and distance of your choosing over Memorial Day Weekend May 23-25. We’re even opening it up to walkers and runners! And volunteers will be on hand remotely to cheer you on and “deal” your PokerRide! cards. 

Thanks for switching gears with us! 

A poker ride is a cute name for a poker run! This is a just fun game that provides an opportunity for our community to stay connected via texting. Participants will be assigned an AngelRide volunteer to “deal” them cards as they complete sections of their own route. The volunteers will stay in the comfort of their homes. Riders, walkers and runners can challenge themselves by increasing their mileage and collecting more virtual cards. At the virtual Closing ceremony 2 Community Cards will be revealed and a winning hand determined. That person will have a $1,ooo donation made in their name to The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!

You get a lot! 

  • A $1,000 donation will be made in your name to The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp!
  • You get lots and lots of hugs and kisses – well, virtual ones this year!
  • You get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside from knowing that you are part of a community that gives children who have survived life-altering burn injuries a chance to build relationships with other kids and adults who have been through the same type of trauma – we all need that kind of connection as we journey through life.
  • You can smile when you realize that the Campers get to “just be a kid” because of you! No one at Camp is staring at their scars or asking them how they were burned. The campers wear swimsuits to the waterfront, encourage each other to reach new heights at the ropes course or hit that bullseye at the archery range!
  • Wow, you are amazing!

Not this year! Participants will have 3 days to complete their mileage and collect cards – Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25.

If you committed early this year you will!

Unfortunately, with the onset of social distancing restrictions and the drastic changes we had to make to the traditional AngelRide, there is not enough time to order rider jerseys for everyone. You will receive a care package with some cool stuff from us though!

We would love, love, love to return to our “classic” AngelRide. Gathering together is important to us all! We’re going to have to figure it out as we go and adapt if necessary – always with our passion for providing an exceptional and safe experience for all. Hey, and maybe we will continue with the option of joining in remotely!