Your safety is our #1 priority! Please review and practice the following tips to ensure that you and everyone on the road has a safe and healthy AngelRide:

  • This is not a race. Enjoy the views. Support others along the way. Have fun! Stay in control and within your abilities.
  • Stay hydrated and rest when you need to rest. As we like to say “EAT, DRINK & PEE! Our support team is there for you!
  • Helmets are required. Always wear your helmet.
  • Get your bike checked out by your favorite bike shop before the day of the ride to make sure it’s safe and ready to go. If you need a bike shop, a few of our favorites are Pedal Power, Mystic Cycle Centre, True Cyclery, Zane’s Cycles in Branford,
  • Be aware of vehicles at every moment and follow all traffic rules and signals (including stop signs!).
  • Make eye contact with drivers at intersections and do not continue forward unless you’re positive that the driver sees you.
  • Your safety is our #1 priority, so NO EARPHONES may be used during the Ride.
  • If you want to make or take a phone call or send a text, pull over to the side of the road first. DO NOT USE A MOBILE DEVICE WHILE YOU’RE RIDING.
  • Use hand signals and verbal cues to alert other riders.
  • When passing another rider (always on the left), be sure to call out “ON YOUR LEFT” in a loud and clear voice.
  • Alert riders behind you to debris or other obstacles in the road by pointing to the obstacle and calling out, “glass!” or “obstacle!”
  • You can learn more about cycling safely at
  • Remember, we love you. Practice safety.

Training Tips

Whatever your level of fitness, we want to make sure that you are trained and ready to go. Angel Ride is a celebration of the human spirit that just happens to have one mother of a bike ride thrown in!

Our training rides are the best way to get in shape and meet members of our community. Training rides are for participants of all skill levels and sometimes ride on the actual Ride route. You can find our updated calendar of training rides here as soon as they are available.

Important Training Notes:

  • Adjust your training to your level of fitness
  • Always hydrate during training
  • Practice your verbal/hand signals during your training rides
  • Obey all the rules of the road
  • Learn to embrace hills during training because they’ll certainly be there for AngelRide.
  • Bicycling Magazine has a handy 8-week guide to training for a Century Ride (which can be adjusted to your desired distance).
  • You can find a full calendar of training rides and clinics here as soon as they are available.