2022 Volunteers

You are volunteering for Mason! Because of you, he is able to soar and conquer challenges at the Children’s Burn Camp!

Just like Mason has the support and encouragement he needs to achieve this lofty goal, so do our AngelRide cyclists. Volunteers – YOU – provide the encouragement, hospitality, safety, and foundation for AngelRide cyclists to succeed in riding for the campers. You are a true AngelRider!

Below you will find important information about the day. Your Team Leader will provide you with more specific information.

Saturday, May 28, 2022
Start: Essex Fire Department, 11 Saybrook Road
Rest Stop 1: Chester Hose Company, 6 High Street
Rest Stop 2: St. James Parish Hall, 501 Killingworth Road, Higganum
Rest Stop 3: Chester Hose Company
Finish: Essex Fire Department

Please check-in when you arrive. In Essex, there is a Check-in / Information Tent. At the Rest Stops, just look for the table with the T-shirts! Rest Stop Captains will be there to guide you. All volunteers will also be given a lanyard with their name and a very important number detailed below. Please keep that on throughout the day.

Essex: Parking is not available at the Essex Fire Department. You may see empty spaces but they are for the use of the Fire Department only. Please use the Commuter Lot at the intersection or the parking lot at Clark Group on the other side of the Fire Department on Saybrook Road. There will be easy access spaces available at the Clark Group lot for those who may need to park closer. An exception is made for AngelRide SAG vans (Support & Gear), MotoCrew, and Roaming Bike Tech, who may enter and exit during the day on West Avenue. These volunteers may only park vehicles used for AngelRide near the back gate along the back lawn – do not park in front of the bay doors at the back building please.

Chester: Parking is not available in front or on the side of the Chester Hose Company. Please look for the AngelRide signs and park behind the firehouse.

Higganum: The Parish Hall is located across the street from the church and has sufficient parking. Please do not park near the areas where there are tents, bike racks, or directional signs for the riders.

CIC is AngelRide’s hub for all communication. CIC fields and dispatches information about anything and everything during AngelRide. The CIC phone number will be on your lanyard. If there is an emergency, call 911 first and then call CIC.

In the event of a call, you will surely hear the Fire Department siren. Please remain on the grass. Riders, Route Support vehicles, and Volunteers should not enter or exit that particular fire department property until the siren has ended. (In Essex, you will hear the siren about 12noon too!)

We have cowbells everywhere so that you can cheer for a Rider as they enter a Rest Stop or cross the Finish line!

AngelRide is going to be a beautiful and fun day! We can always use more Volunteers, Riders, and Little AngelRiders too – share this registration link with a friend! https://angelcharities.redpodium.com/angelride-2022-registration

We have a way to help! Any registered rider or volunteer can join us for Text-athon #3 on May 25th at 6:30 pm. Location to be determined so let us know if you are interested and email LynnP@AngelRide.org.

Here’s the WHY

Classic AngelRiders!
(that’s Mason on the right in the front row)

Reach out to LynnP@AngelRide.org or text/call 860-227-9452