AngelRide MotoCrew heading out on the 2019 route before the Riders Start!

2022 MotoCrew Duties

Here are a few things about MotoCrew…

The AngelRide Motorcycle Safety Crew (MotoCrew) is an integral part of the safety team supporting the riders who participate in AngelRide. The MotoCrew supports the mission of AngelRide to raise funds for The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp located in Union, CT, and operated by the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation. The MotoCrew is also one of the most visible crews supporting the ride and are therefore ambassadors for AngelRide to the general public.

We can’t wait to see you Saturday, May 28th! 

Before that, please familiarize yourself with the routes available on Ride with GPS through the link below. AngelRide 2022 includes a Half-Metic Century route (33 miles), a Metric Century route (64 miles), and a Little AngelRide (3 miles).

Route Library:

Please arrive by 6:30 am at the Essex Fire Department, 11 Saybrook Road, Essex, CT. 

You must check-in at the Volunteer Check-in table. 

Remember to enter and exit the property from the back entrance on West Avenue. (the gate does not lock) UPDATED PARKING INFO:  Please park along the grass and not in front of the bay doors in the building that will be on your right. Please do not approach the firehouse on your motorcycle as the back of the firehouse is the Finish line for cyclists. Thank you!


MotoCrew functions as an on-road safety team, providing support through dangerous intersections and hazardous conditions, monitoring and assisting riders along the route, assisting other crews / 911 emergency services, and alerting the Central Information Center (CIC) of on-route issues (You will receive the CIC phone number when you Check-in at the Volunteer table.)


1. Pre-Ride

  • Familiarize yourself with the route. (links above)
  • Know the proper hand signals
  • Review the MotoCrew Operations Manual (you are reading some of that now and we will email you the entire manual soon)
  • Prepare your motorcycle for the event – maintenance and credentials

2. Day of AngelRide: Saturday, May 28, 2022

  • Check-in around 6:30 am at the Volunteer table to receive your wristband with CIC number, your safety vest and gloves, and other AngleRide-specific info. We will have a Continental Breakfast available. You may also ask at the Food Tent for water bottle and gatorade to take with you in case a rider (or you) need that.
  • Attend the Mandatory Safety Briefing at 7:15 am 
  • During the ride you will encourage and enforce a safe environment and ensure safe rider and crew behavior.
  • Provide support at dangerous intersections
  • Escort and encourage riders along the route
  • Provide lead and sweep escort for riders, when possible
  • Provide riders with assistance – alerting emergency services, CIC, SAG Vans (Support and Gear), Bike Techs, or Medical Crew that a rider needs medical or technical assistance
  • Provide directions and answer questions
  • Have mobile access to 911
  • Remind riders to hydrate
  • DO NOT provide transportation for any riders under any circumstances.
Thank you!