Rider FAQ

2-Day Riders When and Where

What time do I need to be at the Mystic YMCA on Friday night? 

Transportation is provided by bus on Friday night, from Mystic to the Holiday Inn Express Southington. Riders must check-in for the bus no later than 5:15pm. Riders will park on the YMCA property.

Where is the Start on Saturday morning? 

Yale Summer School of Music & Art, Ellen Battell Stoeckel Estate, Rts 44 & 272, Norfolk, CT 06058. Click here for map.

What time is the Start on Saturday? 

Riders not taking the bus should report to the Start by 6:15am Riders taking the bus will leave the hotel in Southington at 5:15am

Where is the Finish on Sunday? 

The Finish line is at the Mystic YMCA, located at One Harry Austin Drive, Mystic, CT. Friends and family will be directed to parking.

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Sunday Riders (50 miles) When and Where

Where and when is the start for the One-Day ride? 

The Sunday ride begins at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, in Ashford Connecticut. RIDERS MUST ENTER THROUGH THE BACK ENTRANCE AT CAMP. Click here for directions.

What if I am driving myself to Camp? 

Drivers must use the Back Entrance of Camp and arrive promptly at 6:30am where you will join the other AngelRiders for check-in, breakfast, bike techs, a safety briefing, Sunday ceremony and more! If you are running late or get lost, please call the AngelRide hotline: 860-429-3444.

Is there transportation?  

Yes. There are 2 Bus Options for Sunday Riders (50 miles) only:

1 Sunday morning - leave your car in Mystic YMCA and a bus will take you to the Start/Camp, (leaves @ 5:15 am). 
2 Sunday morning, drive your car to Camp, ride your bike to the Finish and a bus will bring you and your bike back to Camp (leaves @ 4:00pm).

In order to reserve a seat on either bus and transport for your bicycle, you must sign up here >>.

I am a Sunday AngelRider and taking the bus. Where should I park my car? 

If taking the AM bus, leave your car in Mystic at the YMCA, 1 Harry Austin Drive, Mystic, CT. The bus leaves @ 5:15am.

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Transportation & Lodging

Is there a place I can stay Friday night? 

Riders taking the bus Friday from Mystic, must reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express Southington for $89.00. Be sure to let the hotel know you are an AngelRider to receive available discounts, 860-276-0736.

Electronic booking is available. You may confirm your room reservations online. You can also visit the website http://www.southingtonhiexpress.com and use the Group ANR  for your preferred rate as well.

Rider's not taking the bus; please arrive on Saturday morning at the Start in Norfolk by 6:15am. If you are planning on leaving your car at the Start: 1) there is no transportation back to Norfolk and 2) please send an email to lynn@angelride.org with your car info: plate number/State, make/model/color and when your car will be retrieved.

I am a Sunday AngelRider. Is there a place I can stay in Mystic Saturday night? 

There are no AngelRide accommodations arrangements. We suggest that you check with the Mystic area hotels at the following website: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g33845- d115289-Reviews-The_Whaler_s_Inn-Mystic_Connecticut.html

Does AngelRide provide transportation to the hotel on Friday night? 

Yes. You must sign up for the bus when you register. If you did not sign up contact: lynn@angelride.org

I'm not staying at the hotel on Friday night. Can I take the bus Saturday morning to the start? 

No, (Sorry, I really hate to say "no").

Here's why:
Your bike cannot go on the bus
It may be that all the seats on the bus are full.

Does AngelRide provide transportation back to the hotel in Southington after the ride? 

No. AngelRide does not provide transportation on Sunday after the ride back to the hotel in Southington.

Where should I park my car? 

2-Day Riders taking the bus from Mystic on Friday night may leave their cars at the YMCA. Carpooling is encouraged. Find other riders interested in carpooling by posting your request on the AngelRide Facebook page. Two-day Riders leaving their cars in Norfolk at the Start on Saturday must make their own arrangements to get their vehicles. Overnight parking must be approved; please contact lynn@angelride.org.

I am a Sunday AngelRider carpooling w/ to Camp. Where should I park my car? 

Park your car at the Mystic YMCA on Harry Austin Drive, Mystic, CT.

What should I bring if I am a 2-day rider and staying overnight at Camp? 

Visit our Packing list page for a suggested list of items to bring.

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Family and Friends

Can my family join me at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp? 

Unfortunately, no. There is strict security at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and only Riders and Volunteers are allowed on the property. They can cheer at any rest stop!

Can my family and friends join me at the Finish? 

YES! Your family and friends are welcome to join you at the Finish on Sunday from 12 to 4 at the Mystic YMCA. There are lots of activities, food, music and more! Friends and family can park at the ball field which is adjacent to the Mystic YMCA! So head directly to the YMCA and we'll have people directing the parking.

How do we get copies of photos taken at the event? 

Visit our Photos page

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Will I receive an AngelRide jersey? 

If you register by March 25th, you will have one to wear on the ride. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a few weeks afterwards. Doesn't that sound awful?

What should I know if I am a "beginner" Rider? 

First, you should know that you are doing a wonderful thing. You should be riding as much as you can. Practice hills, shifting, riding with others. The more you train, the more you will enjoy the ride! As a first or second year rider, you will receive a call from one of our Ambassadors who will assist you with questions, training, and your personal website. Be sure to check out our training resources on this Web site. You can also ask Coach Al Lyman who has generously donated his time to help AngelRiders with training. 

What if I get tired or break down? 

There is a rest stop located every 15 to 20 miles. AngelRide is fully supported with bike techs, multiple motorcycles and SAG (support & gear) wagons to pick you up and gladly take you to the next Rest Stop (but not to the top of the hill!).

How can I see the route I will be riding? 

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Web Page & Registration

I can't log in. Help! 

Please contact crowdrise.com, the Camp's fundraising software, for assistance.

Can I change my personal information and fundraising goal after I've completed my registration to ride? 

Yes. Just visit your personal Web page and "Edit my Profile."

What if I don't reach my "goal" stated on my Web page? 

You are only responsible for the $1,000 minimum requirement. Your personal goal is your own challenge.

If I register to ride one distance. Can I later change my mind and ride a difference distance? 


If I am having technical problems with my personal Web page, where can I find help? 

Email any requests at info@teamholeinthewall.org or 203-777-0522.

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If I am a team member, am I obligated to raise the minimum requirement? 

Yes. Each Rider is responsible for raising their fundraising requirement: $1000 for 2-day Riders and $500 for one-day Riders

Can I form a team later, after I've already registered to ride as an individual? 

Yes. You must contact info@teamholeinthewall.org or 203-777-0522.

Can I join a team after I have already registered to ride as an individual? 

Yes. You must contact info@teamholeinthewall.org or 203-777-0522.

Can two people become a team? 

Yes. Teams of any size are still responsible for raising a minimum of $1000 per member


How do I find teams that are looking for more riders? 

As you start the registration process, indicate that you want to join a team and you will see a list of teams, some of which may welcome new members.

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Young AngelRides

How many miles are the Young AngelRides? 

A. Little Angels ride 6-mile course in Stonington and Mystic that ends at the same finish area with all AngelRiders.

A. Teen Angels ride a 22-mile course (also the last 22 miles of the adult Sunday ride) that begins at the Hopeville State Park rest stop and finishes at the Mystic YMCA.

Who will ride with me? 

A. All of our Little/Teen AngelRiders must ride with an older teammate.

Little Angels - For safety reasons, only 1 teammate allowed per Little Angel. Teammates must register as a Volunteer (Volunteer registration opens in January) to take part. *Please note, there are registered volunteers who will be available to ride as a teammate with any Little AngelRider who needs one.

Teen Angels - The ratio is 1:1. Each child must have a registered AngelRider (Register here) or Teammate (Register here) who will meet them at the Hopeville State Park and ride to Mystic with them.

As a teammate for the Little/Teen AngelRider - 25miles - will I have a fundraising commitment? 

Yes, each teammate will be responsible to raise $250

Do the Little/Teen AngelRiders have a fundraising commitment? 

Yes. Whether you are riding 22 or 6 miles, there is a $100 fundraising requirement.

Can I register my family to ride or Volunteer? 

YES!!! Once you register you can then register on an additional person! On the last page of your registration there is a button on the bottom left that says Register Another Family Member. Click that button and run through the registration again.

Do I have to wear a helmet? 

Yes! All AngelRiders must wear a helmet, including riding volunteers! Safety is #1.

Where do I go to for the Start? 

A. Little Angels: 107 Wilcox Rd, Stonington, CT

A. Teen Angels: Hopeville Pond State Park, Hopeville, CT. Click here to visit the State Park Web site for directions.

What time should I be at the Start? 

A. Little Angels: Arrive @ 1:30 for check-in, depart at 2:00.

A. Teen Angels: Check in at Hopeville Pond State Park by 10:30.

What do I need to bring for the Ride? 

A. Little Angels: Your bicycle, helmet and safety gear. Water, snacks, air pumps and tech support will be available at the start point and in the support van.

A. Teen Angels: Having one water bottle cage and bottle on a bike is highly recommended; having two of each would be ideal. There will be food, liquids, pumps and other bike needs available at the Hopeville and Mystic rest stops and support along the route.

Where will my family or friends meet me when I am done riding? What time should they be there? 

All Riders finish at the Mystic YMCA where there will be food, drink, and much fun. Little Angels will finish between 3:30 and 3:45. Teen Angels finish anywhere from 1:00-3:30. 

Is there help with training? 

Check out our training advice here. While this advice is geared toward the older riders, it applies equally to the younger ones.

Should I get my bike tuned up before the AngelRide? 

Yes! Visit your local bike store and have them look over the bike to make sure that everything is working properly and ready to ride. It is recommended that this happen at least two weeks before the Ride.

What is the cost to participate? 

The registration fee is $35 and each Little/Teen AngelRider must raise a minimum of $100. After you register, you will set up your own personal Web page to let you speak with other riders and track your fundraising. For tips and help with fundraising, you can visit the fundraising page of our Web site by clicking here.

How do I register?  Who should I contact if I have questions concerning the Young AngelRides? 

A. Little Angels: Mickey Gilliland at Mickey@angelride.org

A. Teen Angels: Lynn McCarthy, lynn@angelride.org

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What do I do with checks I receive as support for my effort?  

Please enter all checks as offline donations on your participant page, Please put your name on the memo line or include a note with your checks indicating that these checks were already entered offline. This will help to eliminate duplicate donations on your participant page.

Please send checks to:
PO Box 1013
Old Lyme, CT 06371

When entering an offline donation please enter the donor's name and address exactly as it appears on the check.

Should I hold on to the checks until the day of the AngelRide?  

No. Please no. The sooner your checks are received the sooner you will get credit for the donation and the sooner your money will go to benefit The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp's Hospital Outreach® Program.

What should I do if I receive a cash donation?  

We cannot accept cash donations. Please write a check for the amount donated, enter it as an offline donation and send it to: AngelRide, PO Box 1013 Old Lyme, CT 06371

How can people make an online donation to my AngelRide?  

Once you set up your Participant Center, you can provide people with a link directly to it where they can read about your ride and make a secure donation with a credit card or you can direct them to your personal participant center where they can follow the simple instructions.

Can I make a donation to my own ride? 

Yes. When you register, you may make an initial donation to your ride to jump-start your fundraising effort. You can always make additional donations to your ride at any time.


Will I get credit for matching gifts donations?  

Yes. Please be aware that some companies send out matching gift checks quarterly or annually. Also, note that if the employer does not honor their matching gift, you will be responsible for the total fundraising requirement. 

What is a "pledge" and how is it different from a donation?  

Some riders enter pledges into their fundraising account when they receive promises of a donation or receive an actual check. These can be misleading because "pledges" do not count towards a rider's fundraising totals until the actual check has been received and processed. To avoid this confusion, riders are discouraged from entering pledges.

How and when do donors "pledge" their matching gift?  

The online donation page contains a Matching Gift Information section, allowing donors to "pledge" their matching gift at the same time that they make their online donation. If the donor already completed the online donation page and left the Matching Gift Information section blank, he or she can still submit the proper forms to the AngelRide offices. Note that the paperwork required to secure a matching gift varies from company to company, so be sure to check with the Human Resources department. The usual process requires employees to submit paper forms to the charity. The charity then verifies the gift and sends the forms back to the company for processing. If this is the case for your company, credit for the matching gift will appear on your Donations Scroll once the company sends the check to AngelRide. Direct any paper forms to AngelRide.

How long do I have to make my minimum? What if I don't make my minimum?  

You have until June 30th, 2016 to reach the minimum fundraising commitment. At that time, your credit card will be charged for the balance due to AngelRide. If you need assistance with your fundraising or have questions, please take advantage of the tools available on www.AngelRide.org or contact us at Info@AngelRide.org. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Does any portion of my registration fee count towards my fundraising minimum?  

Only upon request.

Is there a minimum amount of money that a rider must raise?  

All two-day riders must commit to raise at least $1000 in donations for their ride. One-day riders must raise a minimum of $500. If a rider has not attained the minimum amount in his/her online fundraising account by June 30, 2016 the balance of the minimum will automatically be charged to the credit card provided at registration.

What is my "fundraising goal?"  

Your fundraising goal is the amount of money you will attempt to raise. Your goal must be greater than $1000. The purpose of stating your goal is to motivate yourself and your donors.


Am I obligated to raise the amount I state as my "Fundraising Goal?"  

The Fundraising Goal you established when you registered is just a goal, not an obligation. You may raise or lower it anytime you wish. To do this, log into your personal fundraising page and click on "Edit My Profile." You are obligated to raise only $1000, though most riders raise much more. The average rider raises $1800.

How can I do my fundraising jointly with another person or persons?  

The only way to fundraise jointly is to form or join a team. On a team, all donations to an individual member are also credited to the team total.

What are my fundraising responsibilities as a member of a team?  

All riders must raise their minimum amount. Even, riders on a registered team will have to raise the minimum amount; $1000 per rider for 2-days and $500 for one-day by the fundraising deadline of June 30, 2016. If the individual Riders do not raise enough to cover the minimum, the balance due will be charged to the credit cards those riders provided at registration. 

Can I receive flyers/brochures for distribution at my work place and with friends?  

Yes. Click here to go to our Fundraising page and look through the downloads.

What is the Matching Gifts process for AngelRide? 

Riders and Volunteers please have your donors choose "Angel Charitable Trust", tax ID 05-6138536 or "AngelRide" for their Matching Gift Recipient.

AngelRide is an Angel Charities, Inc. event.

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