Little/Teen Angels

How old do I need to be to take part in the Young AngelRide? 

A. Little Angels, who are 7-11 years old can sign up for the 4.5 course

A. Teen Angels who are 12-14 years old can sign up to take part in the 25-mile ride

What are the routes like? 

A. The Little Angels route stays on the beautiful Camp-grounds and traverses hard packed dirt roads and "green"rated trails.

A. The Teen Angel ride is a hilly and challenging route. The 25-mile ride leaves with all the road riders at the same time. Some of the roads are busy with traffic. These riders should be training and practicing good cycling skills.

Who will ride with me? 

All of our younger AngelRiders must ride with an older (over 18 years old) teammate. Teammates must register as a Teammate to take part. Teen Angel teammates must ride the entire 25 miles with the young rider.

Can more than one person ride with me (Teen AngelRider?) 

No, not unless they are already registered for the road ride. Teen Angel Teammates are volunteers and can register here.

As a teammate for the Teen AngelRide - 25 miles - will I have a fundraising commitment? 

Yes, each teammate will be responsible to raise $250

Do the Young AngelRiders have a fundraising commitment? 

Yes. Whether you are riding 25 or 4.5 miles, there is a $100 fundraising requirement. You may want to ask if your donor's business has a matching gift program, use Angel Charities as the charity to match.

Do I have to wear a helmet? 

Yes! All AngelRiders must wear a helmet, including riding volunteers! Safety is #1.

Is the Start at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp? 

A. Yes, and Little Angels leave from the Cabin circle @ 3:00pm

A. Teen Angels leave the cabin circle with all road riders at 9:00am

What time should I be at the Start? 

A. Little Angels (ages 7-11): Must check-in at 2:00pm, safety briefing is at 2:30pm and departure is 3:00pm.

A. Teen Angels: Rider check-in is 7:00-7:30am and and breakfast is from 6:30-8:00am. Click here for the days schedule

What do I need to bring for the Ride? 

A. Little Angels (7-11): your bicycle, helmet and safety gear. Water, snacks, air pumps and tech support will be available at the start point and in the support van.

A. Teen Angels (12-15): having one water bottle cage and bottle on a bike is highly recommended; having two of each would be ideal. There will be food, beverages, pumps and other bike needs available at the Start and support along the route.

What time will I finish? 

All Riders finish at famous Cabin Circle where there will be food, drink, music, activities and much more. Little Angels (7-11), will finish between 4:00 and 4:35. Teen Angels (12-15): finish anywhere from 1:00-2:00.

Can my family come to the Finish? 

Anyone coming to Camp must be a registered Invited Guest. The Camp is private and there will be a security check. Each Invited Guest will be able to participate in the fun: Food, music, activities; fishing, archery, mini-golf, the amazing Treehouse and so much more! There is a fee of $25 for invited guests.

Should I get my bike tuned up before the AngelRide? 

Yes! Visit your local bike store and have them look over the bike to make sure that everything is working properly and ready to ride. It is recommended that this happen at least two weeks before the Ride.

What is the cost to participate ? 

The registration fee is $35 and each Little Angel and Teen AngelRider must raise a minimum of $100. After you register, you will set up your own personal Web page to help you fundraise and track your fundraising. 

Who should I contact if I have questions concerning the Young AngelRides? 

A. Little Angels (7-11): Mickey Gilliland at

A. Teen Angels (12-15):

How do I register?