Participant FAQ’s

Questions? We’re here to help! If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us at

General FAQ

AngelRide is produced by Angel Charities, Inc, an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Angel Charities/AngelRide is focused on raising critical funds and awareness for The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp, operated by the CT Burns Care Foundation.

We are very excited that beginning in 2019, AngelRide supports The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp in Union, CT!

Save the Date! May 29-31, 2021! 

The Remote AngelRide involves gathering virtually and participating individually on a route of your choosing. We had so much fun and a great turnout welcoming riders, walkers and runners for the 2020 AngelRide PokerRide! We will carry that forward into 2021! 

Check our EVENTS page for fun ways that we are gathering virtually this winter. Plans for in-person small group rides and Meet-ups this spring are in the works too!

We are planning an in-person Appreciation Event for September 2021! 

For 2022, we plan to return to the “classic” AngelRide with “remote” opportunities added in. 

The Classic AngelRide enjoys gathering in-person to re-connect, hear about the kids at Camp, and be entertained! We will provide a Metric Century, Quarter Century and Little AngelRide! SAG, MotoCrew, Medical Riders and Bike Techs will support you along the AngelRide route. Rest Stops at Fire Stations will offer nourishment, facilities and cheering volunteers too! A Finish Line celebration will be waiting for you! We will love, love, love returning to this in-person AngelRide! 

Stay tuned! We’re working on it! 

Definitely not. You can do it! Start by choosing a training route that aligns with your ability. After a bit, challenge yourself and increase the difficulty or distance. Make sure to add in some hills. Training is effective indoors or outdoors.

No matter what your level, you will benefit from reading our training tips.

For the 2021 “Remote” AngelRide, the Finish line is wherever you choose! 

What should I bring with me?

We’re glad you asked! The basics are below. Check out the terrific info we have in our Safety & Training Tips too!

The following information is for the 2021 AngelRide PokerRide.

  • Your cell phone
  • Your assigned AngelRide PokerRide! volunteer contact information
  • Wear bright colored clothing
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Nutrition
  • Portable chargers and cords for phone or bike computer
  • Label ICE contact(s) in your phone (In Case of Emergency)
  • Share your route with your emergency contact person
  • Credit card, cash 
  • Need sunscreen? sunglasses? lip balm?
  • Please follow current guidelines for physical distancing

Bicyclists, also remember:

  • Basic repair and maintenance kit: spare inner tube, tire levers, patch kit,  mini-pump and folding multi tool.
  • Helmet of course
  • Flashing lights on your bicycle
  • Printed cue sheet for your route as a back-up


  • The Remote AngelRide is NOT a supported event. The details are in your hands.
  • We appreciate you and so do the kids at the Camp!

Fundraising FAQ

Yes, AngelRide is designed as a fundraising event. However, some of our community may be dealing with financial hardships. Keeping our AngelRide community connected and welcoming new folks is who we are. So for AngelRide 2021, we are expecting participants raise at least $250. If you are able to do more, go for it! Many AngelRiders raise 2-3 times the goal that we set! Remember why we are here, to support children with life-altering burn injuries at The Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp. 

Wee have lots of fundraising tips to help you reach (and even exceed) your goals! In order to plan our gift to the Camp, please submit your donations by July 1, 2021.

We’re glad you asked! All the proceeds will benefit the Arthur C. Luf Children’s Burn Camp. An old fashioned nature-filled camp for children ages 8-18 who have survived life-altering burn injures. Campers re-gain physical and emotional strength from their peers and their Camp family. Counselors are firefighters, healthcare professionals and adult burn survivors.

For any questions concerning your online fundraising page, please email

We’re glad you asked!

We cannot accept cash donations. Please write a check to Angel Charities or AngelRide and mail to: Angel Charities, PO Box 1013, Old Lyme, CT 06371. Please mail ASAP, do not hold checks as they can take weeks to process. You can enter the donation amount(s) immediately as an off-line gift on your participant page.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to indicate your name if you are sending in checks from donors so that we can apply the gift to your fundraising page.

Thank you!

Offline donations can take up to 3 weeks to process. These donations will not appear immediately.

Some donors choose to make their donation amount appear anonymously.

Please ask your donor to email us at so that we can find out exactly how they want their gift information to appear.

Many companies have matching gift programs. When a donor supports AngelRide their employer may donate the same amount or even more. It will just take the donor a few minutes to contact their HR department to see if they in fact have a matching gift program.

Many companies have different policies on matching gifts and vary in processing time. We cannot guarantee the amount of time it takes for a company to approve the request, process the matching gift and mail the checks to Angel Charities, Inc.

It’s essential that the donor designate Angel Charities, Inc. as the non-profit organization using tax ID: 47-2608324

*All matching gift requests should be submitted to the employer prior to May 23, 2020. However that does not guarantee the matching gift will be received in time to apply that amount to your fundraising goal. Please submit matching gift requests with the employer as soon as possible.

AngelRide operates under the tax ID number for Angel Charities, Inc The tax ID is 47-2608324. We are listed under Angel Charities, Inc. PO Box 1013, Old Lyme, CT 06371

Registration FAQ

Sign up as an individual. Then there’s 2 ways you can join a team…

1. Go to your Participation Center where there is an option to join a Team

2.  Just email us at and let us know which team you wish to join and we will move you there. Fun!

Sign up as an individual. Then there’s 2 ways you can join a team… 

  1. Go to your Participation Center where there is an option to join a team
  1. Just email us at and let us know which team you wish to join and we will move you. Fun!

Please register by 9am on Monday May 31, 2021. You will have just enough time to join in AngelRide PokerRide before the Closing Ceremonies later that afternoon.

For Remote AngelRiders:

We will connect you via text with dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers! Choose your route based on your abilities. Please share your plan and route with your emergency contact person. 

For Classic AngelRiders:

AngelRide is known as one of the best supported rides around! We have dedicated, hard working, compassionate volunteers supporting you with MotoCrew, SAG, Medical Riders, Bike Techs, Rest Stops at Fire Stations with nourishment, facilities and cheering volunteers! And that’s not all! A Finish Line festival will be waiting for you!

  • We have some interesting ideas for the Remote AngelRide. We’ll keep you posted!

Your registration fee is due upon registration. The registration fee is not refundable or transferable. Participants must provide a valid credit card number in order to register.