Mark's Getting Ready for the 2022 AngelRide!2022 Rider Details

Mark’s getting ready to ride for the Campers on Saturday! Here’s a few things you’ll want to know about Checking-in, Route Maps, Fundraising, and Safety:


Start and Finish at the Essex Fire Department, 11 Saybrook Road

6:45 am Rider Check-in opens

Parking at the Clark Group adjacent to the Fire Department
Continental Breakfast will be available
Bike Techs, Medical Team, and many Volunteers will be on site to assist you

7:30 am MANDATORY Safety Briefing

7:45 am Opening Ceremony

8:00 am Start!

Invite your family and your donors to join in the picnic, entertainment, and fun activities at the Finish – we’ll be there all day and we have plenty of cow bells!


While we don’t like to even think about it, we have a plan in place for inclement weather. We will alert you around 6:00 am of any changes so please check your email if there are any concerns. IF concerning weather occurs during the AngelRide, and we need you to stay off the route, then you will alert you and you will see RED FLAGS at the Rest Stops. Please check-in and wait for more information.


If you have any concerns, you can email on Saturday anytime after 6:00 am. CIC is our Central Info Center for all riders and volunteers to use for any assistance or to answer questions.


AngelRide has a Ride with GPS subscription so that you can join for free and have access to paid features. The link is below. However, you do not have to join the Club to access the Route Library.

Please note that our Route Marking Team will be putting down arrows and directional/caution signs for this year’s AngelRide. If you are going to ride the route on a different day, please read the cue sheet for areas where you need to be cautious.


  • Remember your helmet (a must), water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, and enthusiasm!
  • Charge your phone and any other route devices
  • Do not bring earbuds or anything else that might compromise your hearing


  • Park at the Clark Group, 23 Saybrook Road, to the right of the Essex Fire House. You will see AngelRide Parking signs and also a banner for the entrance to our friends at Essex Indoor Golf. Parking is NOT available at the Fire House.
  • Please go to the Check-in Tent first. You will receive your Rider Jersey, T-shirt, Rider number, Bike tag, and a wrist band that must be worn at all times.
  • The CIC phone number will be on your wrist band. This number may be used for any assistance or questions you may need. IF you or someone with you is in an emergency situation, call 911 first and then call CIC.


  • Routes are marked with arrows on the pavement and AngelRide signs that are placed to give riders a clear route to follow as well as to caution you as to dangerous intersections, steep hills, debris in the road, miles to rest stops, etc. Signs are also strategically placed alerting motorists (following and on-coming) of bicyclists on the road ahead.
  • Route arrow colors for you to follow are:
    Green = the entire Half-Metric Century route
    Blue = Metric Century Route from Start to Rest Stop 1 to Rest Stop 2
    Yellow = Metric Century Route from Rest Stop 2 to Finish
  • The Half-Metric Century Route and Metric Century Route both start in Essex and ride to Rest Stop 1 at the Chester Hose Company (Fire Department).
  • From Rest Stop 1, the Half-Metric Century Route continues to the Finish at the Essex Fire Department.
  • From Rest Stop 1, the Metric Century Route continues to Rest Stop 2 at St James Parish Hall in Higganum then to Rest Stop 3 back at the Chester Hose Company.
  • NOTE: In Chester, Metric Century Riders will approach Rest Stop 3 from a different direction than they did when it was Rest Stop 1. Follow the Yellow route arrows on the pavement.


  • Ride single file on the route.
  • While a bit of friendly competition is expected, and it’s okay to try for a personal best, AngelRide is not a race. We are a community of folks who watch out for and cheer on each other.
  • When a SAG support vehicle or MotoCrew passes you, give a Thumbs Up (all okay) or Thumbs down (need assistance). If you do not signal either one, they will stop and check on you because that’s how much they care.
  • Medical Riders will be on the route pedaling with you! They are available to you for any reason. Need a little encouragement or a little help, do not hesitate to reach out to them.
  • All riders must CHECK-IN at each Rest Stop, and the Finish to ensure that any rider who might be lost is quickly identified and found.


  • Rest Stops are full-service with facilities, nutrition, beverages, Bike Techs, Medical Team, and caring Volunteers.


  • We have angel wings for you to wear as you cross the Finish if you like. They will be available in Chester when it is your last Rest Stop before you head back to Essex.
  • Share any photos with us! #AngelRide on social media or text to Lynn at 860-227-9452 or email
  • Know that the Campers that you are riding for appreciate you very much!
  • Stick around at the Finish for a picnic, entertainment, and meet Camp Counselors and even a Camper who will be in the Little AngelRide!


Great job fundraising! Make sure to take a few pictures of your training rides and during your AngelRide to share with your donors. Every dollar your raise and every mile your pedal makes a difference for the kids at Camp! Fundraising will remain open until July 1 so keep going!