Must be AngelRide Magic

By Eoana Sturges

It’s been a cold and rainy spring in Vermont and I just wasn’t feeling the energy on any of my training rides.

eoana-sturges-bling.jpgEven when it warmed enough to take off a layer of insulation and I was hill training I just wasn’t finding my groove. Work and family stuff was particularly challenging lately and I began to doubt my ability to even ride this year, feeling drained and empty.

And then the AngelRide bike post arrived. I duct taped it right in the center of the handlebar where I could see it when I was in the drops (When I thought I would need a reminder of why I was climbing hill after hill)! My next ride and all since have been great. Not only am I back in my groove but I know I CAN do this.

Must be AngelRide Magic!

Can’t wait to feel more magic, fill my cup, and be back with all the awesome AngelRide people next weekend!