Warren Lieff’s Path to AngelRide

By Warren Lieff

My path to AngelRide was not direct but has proven to be one of the most amazing journeys of my life.

warren-leiff.jpgMy passion for cycling didn’t happen until later in life and was the result of teaching my son Brandon how to ride. Our rides around the neighborhood grew to be longer and longer and ultimately resulted in better and better bikes. When I felt ready for a bigger challenge, I searched the web and found AngelRide. After reading the description of the two-day event, I knew I wasn’t capable of completing the ride without proper training and support and that is where the journey truly began.

I reached out to my friend Donna Minotti who was the Fitness Center manager at Covidien, the company I had worked for at the time. I talked to Donna about AngelRide and not only did she help me to train, she also helped in putting together the first Covidien team to ride AngelRide in 2011. Over the next five years, we grew to work closely with the Camp staff who were based in the same offices in New Haven. While I am no longer with Covidien, and the roster changes year after year, the bonds with the team are still strong and I look forward to riding with these amazing people in 2016.

I also cherish the relationships I have built with the AngelRide community as well as the opportunity share this experience with both my boys.

I look forward to this year’s ride, and hope to play a part in making AngelRide 2016 the best ride yet.