My Conspiracy Theory

By Lynn McCarthy

I’ve been thinking about the good things in my life. Counting my blessings, giving gratitude, and acknowledging the gifts.

lynn-blog.jpgCall it what you will. It’s a practice. Deepak Chopra reminds me,

“Life isn’t good by itself; you must respond to it as good.”

What if everyday feels like AngelRide – as though AngelRide were a feeling?

“How are you today?”


And we all know exactly what that feeling is.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

Hamilton Wright Mabie may have been talking about the Christmas season and I am suggesting we extend this to the AngelRide season. Let’s start a revolution! Let’s engage the world in a conspiracy of love.


Being of service, cultivating connection, performing purposeful work, finding meaning in the mundane, striving to bring my best and highest self, and creating a safe place for others to do the same. That is what Angel Ride is to me.

I am so excited to see what this year will bring. If you are like me you wonder, “How can this year possibly be better than last year?” And then you make it so! I pledge to do everything I can to make this year the best experience ever. Join me in this promise.

We all do our part to make AngelRide weekend safe, respectful, and full of whole-hearted love. Let’s do it with intention. That’s a conspiracy theory I can get my arms around!

Shine on!

What is Angel Ride to you? Send my your story, your thoughts and make a contribution to our blog.