A Camper and Young AngelRider Shares his Story

My name is Jack Krupienski and this will be my third year of AngelRide.

jack-krupienski.jpgI did my first AngelRide when I was about 11 years old after doing biking charity events for the Hole in The Wall Gang Camp. This will be my fourth year as a camper at the Hole in the Wall.

I know firsthand what camp and hospital outreach visits can do for kids. That’s where I learned about Angelride. Since I was a year too young I couldn’t do it until I met Lynn. I went out biking with her to see if I was ready enough to do part of the day two ride and she said I was fully capable of doing it.

So after pre-riding the beautiful course, I did my first year of Angelride. I was ready to ride it. On the day of Angelride there was so much fun and excitement in the air and everyone was helpful and encouraging. This is what has kept me coming back and I am hoping to do the full day two this year and maybe both days next year. I look forward to Angelride every year now.

– Jack Krupienski