Combo Experience - Mountain Biking and Road Cycling

Can't decide whether to mountain bike or road bike? Now you can do BOTH!

Thanks again to your feedback, we have designed a way for you to experience both events. You can complete the 10-mile mountain bike ride that runs the trails through the hundreds of acres of Camp property and then join the road riders to complete either 25 or 50 miles of pedaling the rolling countryside surrounding Camp.

Q. Can I ride both the mountain bike & road bike rides?
A. Yes!

Q. What do I do first and when?
A. You will first ride the mountain bike event, which starts at the same time as the road ride - at 9:30 AM.

Q. Ok, I complete 10 miles of mountain biking and have a blast, then what?
A. After you finish the trail ride, you will check in at the road ride event where you will join the 50 and 75-mile road riders 25 miles into their ride.

Q. OK, so I can do 25 or 50 road ride miles, how do I decide?
A. It all depends on you. If you feel you can complete the mountain bike event in 90 minutes or less, then you will be able to join the road bike event in time to do 25 or 50 miles. If it takes you longer than that, you may need to wait to join the road ride event for the last 25 miles. We explain why in the next question.

Q. But I want to do the mountain bike event and 75 miles! Why not?
A. Rider safety is very important to us at AngelRide! Unfortunately, by the time you complete the mountain bike event, the road riders will be well into the road course and we will have moved our safety resources forward along the route. This would leave you without MotoCrew and WINGS van support and we love you too much to let that happen!

Q. Now you tell me! I've already signed up but want to do this, how do I change my registration?
A. We're happy to make that change for you. Please just send us an email to with your request. Ready to sign up? Head on over to