AngelRide Grand Finale - 15 Great Years

AngelRide 2018 will be the 15th and final AngelRide held to benefit the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp's Hospital Outreach® Program.

Together we have raised $6.75 million and today, thanks to the support of friends like AngelRide, HOP provides joy and laughter to seriously ill children and family members through more than 50,000 interactions in more than 40 locations from Boston to Philadelphia. They are thriving, and our work here is nearly done. Soon, it will be time to help other organizations bring their dreams to life. We are so grateful for your support, which has made this milestone possible.

What we have learned is that AngelRide is a force for good. We have seen HOP turn that force into real change, real services. Now that the HOP program is mature and self-sustaining, we will turn our force-for-good into a foundation for another organization, so they can bring about more change, more services, more lives made better.

However, we are not yet done!! As a send off, we want this to be the biggest AngelRide ever! We want to give HOP one big boost as a send off. Perhaps equally important, we want to bring together all the wonderful people who have helped – once, a few times, or for all 15 years for one last ride for Camp and HOP. We want to recreate the elixir – that secret place where few have traveled. Together, we will once again form the community whose foundation is built on trust and mutual support, (and an epic physical and emotional workout). Of course, we promise to deliver what you’ve come to expect - the best-supported bike ride ever! Funds raised through donations from participants, volunteers, family, friends, and colleagues will help cover the costs of the ride. Any remaining funds will benefit the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp's Hospital Outreach Program.

Whatever AngelRide means to you, let’s gather again, reunite old friends, rekindle the joy of giving back and make this the grandest AngelRide in memory!

Quick facts about AngelRide

  • Presented by Angel Charities, Inc.
  • Named for Angela "Angel" Uihlein, diagnosed with leukemia at age 12
  • Over $5.75 million raised since 2004
  • More than 350 riders and 375 volunteers each year
  • More than 6,000 annual donors and sponsors

AngelRide timeline

  • 2004: The first AngelRide – 32 riders, supporting Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and financially distressed families of children with cancer
  • 2005: AngelRide profits provide a laptop to every child in Connecticut newly diagnosed with cancer and the remaining funds go to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
  • 2006: All profits are dedicated to Hole in the Wall Gang Camp's Hospital Outreach® Program
  • 2012: $655,000 raised for the cause
  • 2013: AngelRide celebrates its 10th anniversary ride
  • 2013: Over $735,000 raised
  • 2017: The NEW AngelRide starts with more routes, more events, more family participation and the same "special feeling"
  • 2018: AngelRide Grand Finale - 15 Great Years